Finance Options

LVC vehicle leasing can provide the most suitable finance option for your company needs, whether you seek funding for cars, vans or light commercial vehicles.

Virtually every company borrows money at some time. The question is how to borrow, rather than when to borrow.

Vehicle finance makes sense for many businesses because it allows a separate credit facility or term loan from what the business may already have. The low initial payment means a company’s trading capital is not tied up in depreciating assets. Vehicle leasing has corporation tax advantages too.

There are two ways to acquire a vehicle: you can buy or hire it. However there are several options in buying or hiring.

Your choice will be influenced by cash flow considerations, whether or not you want the vehicle as a company asset, and whether you want to be responsible for maintenance – plus what level of maintenance cover you want to take.

How you show the acquisition of the vehicle in your financial accounts or company tax treatment will be determined by the choice you make.

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