Private Buyers

Personal Contract Hire for the Private Buyer

For private buyers and those opting out of a company car scheme, LVC offers an innovative way to finance the car you want. Our scheme allows you to drive a new or nearly new car, for a set period of time, doing an agreed number of miles, and including full maintenance and servicing.

More car for your money

With traditional methods of purchasing a car such as a loan, your payments have to fund the entire cost of the vehicle. As monthly payments with Personal Contract Hire are based on only part of the price of the car for the period of the agreement, they are lower than you might expect. As a result your money will go further and you will have:

  • Choice of two, three, four or five-year agreements with low monthly rentals
  • Free home delivery
  • Flexible deposit
  • Full maintenance including routine servicing, tyres, batteries and exhausts, for complete peace of mind

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