Sale & Lease Back

LVC can release the cash locked inside your company vehicles by paying you the value of your fleet and leasing them back to you.

Consider the following...

  • If you own your company vehicles outright or even part-finance them, how much money have you got tied up in your vehicles?
  • Just three cars can release £50,000. What would you do with a cheque today for that amount? Would you re-invest that £50,000 in a fleet of cars or put it back into your business?
  • Would you like to know every month exactly what your vehicles are costing you?

Many companies have asked themselves these questions and decided sale and lease back is the answer. They sell their vehicles to us then lease them back, usually under a contract hire arrangement.

It really is that simple and we take the entire hassle out of the transaction. All you do is cash the cheque!

To find out how much money you can release and how much it will cost you, put together the following information then contact us for a quotation.

Information required for a sale and leaseback quotation

  • Photocopy of the V5 registration documents
  • Mileage reading on the vehicles and the dates they were taken
  • The name of any other finance house involved – or, if the vehicles are owned outright, how much you would want for them